Wild Blue

Blueberry Pinot Noir

A tangy, sweet burst of blueberries and cherry spices

Black Knight

Blackberry Cabernet

A delicate and pleasant sweetness with robust and lively backing

Southern Charm

Peach Chardonnay

An abundance of fruit with a subtle dryness provided by the Chardonnay

Berried Treasure

Strawberry Raspberry Shiraz

A spectacular blend that creates a wonderful fruity treat

Perfect Pair

Pear Sauvignon Blanc

Tart and fruity pears that bring out a beautiful rich aroma

Royal Red

Sangria (Merlot)

Fresh and sweet juicy flavors with a hint of oranges

King's Ransom

American Tempranillo

Gorgeous ruby red in color, oaked with plum and cherry notes and a finish of tobacco and leather

24k Blush

American Rosé 

Semi-sweet, refreshing, and delicious. Serve chilled

Palms in Paradise

Pomegranate Zinfandel 

    (Released in May)

Rich balance of Zinfandel and pomegranate creating a delicate, slightly spicy sweetness and unique taste on the first sip

Holiday Magic

Cranberry Malbec

     (Released in October)

Perfectly balanced with sweetness, yet exquisitely tart and refreshing. Rich flavor of Malbec and cranberries 

Goodnight Kiss

Black Cherry Pinot Noir

 (Released in February)

Enjoy the enhanced Pinot Noir characteristics of fresh berries and luscious black cherries with a fruit forward notes with a slight hint of chocolate

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